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Heather vom Slaney-Vale
VJP 70,  HZP 185,  VGP 310 Prize 1  Btr   Form10 Hair 11
HD free (A)  ED Free OCD clear   vWD11 free
ZR  229/13
Heather's puppies due Jan. 16, 2016. Performance breeding.

It is not enough to follow the rules, we must also seek what is right.

MISSION STATEMENT: Deutsch-Drahthaar Breeding,Testing,Training,Socializing,Caring and Ethical Hunting to a High Standard of Versatile Excellence and Breed Integrity.

I feed and highly recommend Purina ProPlan

A proud member of Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar Group Canada (VDD Group Canada)

A dedicated Social Member of VDD Group North America (VDD GNA)

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